Wednesday, April 29, 2009

New Article

Here's an article I wrote on the importance of good content.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Fresh Original Web Content From A Content Writer With Experience

Rob Starr is a content writer committed to bringing you the best in 100% original web content that's seo optimized and guaranteed to increase the traffic to your site. Period.

You're in the right place to get the kind of fresh original content that's proven to get results whether you need:

Article Writing. Dozens of satisfied Internet business both large and small and hundreds of effective keyword rich articles written.
Blog Writing. Years of content writing and hundreds of the kind of seo optimized blogs that attract traffic and increase keyword rankings.
Web Page Content. Years of content writer experience and everything from homepages to FAQ written and guaranteed to get massive web exposure.

Everything that you need in fresh original content to generate more traffic and better keyword placement is here. Rob Starr has the proven results as the professional content writer with over twenty years of experience and the credentials to back his claims.

But Why A Content Writer?

Because just having a website isn't enough. You need to get the out and advertise. You need to be heard above the din of everything that the web hits consumers with and there a few tools that can help build the kind of top spot on the Web that you're looking for…

Search Engine Friendly Content: Articles and blogs that have strategically placed and researched keywords and links that act as the bait the search engines can't resist. It's called seo for short and Rob Starr has been working with it for years.

Original Fresh Web Page Content: It's got to be professional, clear and concise once you get prospects to your website. Interest them right away or they reach for the mouse. Rob Starr has a long list of web pages he's written for satisfied clients.

For results that matter you need a professional content writer who has experience and credentials. You need one that knows what the search engines are looking for when it comes to web content of all kinds, and you need one that has proven results from along list of clients to back him up.

Rob Starr is the content writer that can help you get the kind of massive web exposure that will increase your traffic and sales.